SofTouch (Cellulite Treatment)

SofTouch is Radial Shock Wave (RSW) Therapy combined with vacuum that uses mechanical-acoustic waves at high intensity. The goal of this technology is to act directly on the cause of cellulite: the collagen fibers. This way we can re-vascularize the dermis.

UltraSound Cavitation

Inverse Ultrasonic Osmosis is conceived to be a non-invasive alternative to the liposuction surgical approach, and therefore its correct usage is characterized by volume decrease and reduction of localized adipose accumulation. Volume reduction of the localized adipose fold occurs through a microscopic process of inverse osmosis induced by the ultrasound wave.

Diode Laser

IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light)

Hair Removal Evolution Concept

ATHON 2 is the innovative non-coherent pulsed light system (IPL) developed by ITS Group R & D laboratories, which evolves the epilation concept to a new higher level. Its technical characteristics ensure epilation, skin-rejuvenation and superficial vascular treatments in extreme safety. ATHON 2 is an absolute leader in medical and professional beauty centers thanks to possibility to customize treatments. ATHON 2 allows to treat wide areas in short time thanks to the 45x35mm spot. The wide range of filters, all with double coating covering (epilation, dark skin epilation, Photo-rejuvenation, vascular), allows to treat all the phototype and hair type. ATHON 2 acts causing the atrophy of hair bulbs, that’s why we can treat even white hair and dark skin. Visible and long lasting results are already seen as after 3-4 treatments.

Pagasus (CO2 Laser)

The Most Advanced and Versatile Laser System in the World

co2 fractional laser is the best solution to treat fine wrinkles, acne, scars and imperfections of the face. The fractional co2 laser uses pixel system: the laser beam is distributed into 128 pixel in order to create micro-necrosis zones without damaging the epidermis and without cooling the skin. The treatment allows the use of different types of intensity and different types of intensity and different frequency depending on the body area. The use of co2 laser to perform skin resurfacing allows a quick and natural healing process of the organism reducing the recovery time and minimizing side effects.

Rinnova (Radio Frequency)

Rinno Frax RF is the newest technology to treat skin laxity. It uses very intense heat (63-59c) with pause of milliseconds that allow the client to feel the heat as a pleasant warmth by avoiding any risk of burning. This technology has a combination of Standard Radio frequency and Fractional Radio frequency within the same platform.

Biologiocal Effects

This deep and uniform heating action causes an immediate shortening of the collagen fibers (about 3/1 of their lenght), simultaneously stimulating the fibroblasts to sythesize new collagen that makes the tissue taut and compact. The handpiece head intermittently produces 6 million energy discharges per second on the tissue at a depth of 3-2.6mm. The result will be lifting effect that is visible immediately after the first session, which will improve and become more durable in the next sessions to look at least 5 to 6 years younger.
Rinnova combines monopolar technology (longer lasting and deeper), bipolar technology (more superficial but immediate) and fractional technology.

JR clinic’s primary goals are safety and natural appearing results for patients. Our standard of excellence enables us to provide the best quality cosmetic enhancement services that our patients deserve.


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